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28 May
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The aristocracy of the Kingdom of Antarion doesn't need to rule with an iron fist: instead, they have magic. The bloodline of every noble family is rich with it, a practice ensured by disowning any child without the talent for sorcery, and passing noble titles on to the most talented. The politics that result are often cut-throat and heartless, and noble birth- with magic or without it- is no guarantee of an easy life.

Tresselion, Mavignel, and Corialuna know that firsthand. Though they don't know one another, threy have three things in common. First, despite noble birth and magical talent, they're utterly forgettable: no land, no distinguished titles, no political significance whatsoever. Second, through plague or politics, they've lost their families. Third: the mysterious and reclusive Countess Shadowcross has just decided to adopt them, having them brought from across the kingdom to her home at Crossheart Hall.

Matt and Teresa Doyle are siblings from Minnesota.

Matt, 24, is a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, with degrees in English Literature and Classical Studies. He has both written and edited fiction for various college publications. Besides Crossheart Hall, his other current writing project is revising a modern Gothic fantasy novel titled Running In Her Veins. Most of the first draft, along with much of his short fiction (and bad fan-fiction) can be found over at mattador.

Teresa is 19, attending Elmhurst College in Illinois for English Secondary Education. She started writing fantasy novels when she was 10, and is putting the finishing touches on an epic fantasy trilogy and a poetry anthology. She was editor-in-chief and a contributor for "Lit Kids: Mama Bird and the Electric Rabbit", a teen anthology published through Mill City Press in 2007. She works as a theater technician and at the local elementary school. Check her out at celebros.

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